Want To Expand Your Services To The Non-English Market? Where Should You Begin?

Whether you run an insurance agency, a retail business, or a consulting firm, you may be looking for ways to expand your target audience. In many parts of the country, this can mean looking beyond those who speak English as a first (or only) language and delving deeper into non-English speaking groups. While translating your promotional materials and hiring bilingual employees or marketers can go a long way toward securing new customers, you'll want to have a solid end goal in mind before you get too far down this path. Read More 

Four Places To Experience Authentic African Entertainment

Africa, the second largest and second-most populous continent hosts over 3,000 distinct ethnic groups making it the most genetically diverse region, and a perfect place for lovers of cultural and traditional explorations. The diversity also makes African entertainment an outstanding concoction of art. Here are four cultural and entertainment events worth your time: Lake of Stars, Malawi Nicknamed "The Warm Heart of Africa," Malawi, a southeastern African country, consists of at least nine ethnic groups, making it an excellent place to sample African culture. Read More 

Do You Have The Right To An Interpreter In A Criminal Proceeding?

Navigating the legal system can be challenging for anyone whose courtroom experience is limited to television dramas or "reality judge" shows -- but for those who don't speak or understand English well, these challenges can often seem insurmountable. If you've found yourself facing criminal misdemeanor or felony charges and are unable to effectively communicate in English, you may have the right to an interpreter to help. Read on to learn more about your language access rights when being sued in civil court. Read More