Four Places To Experience Authentic African Entertainment

Africa, the second largest and second-most populous continent hosts over 3,000 distinct ethnic groups making it the most genetically diverse region, and a perfect place for lovers of cultural and traditional explorations. The diversity also makes African entertainment an outstanding concoction of art. Here are four cultural and entertainment events worth your time:

Lake of Stars, Malawi

Nicknamed "The Warm Heart of Africa," Malawi, a southeastern African country, consists of at least nine ethnic groups, making it an excellent place to sample African culture. The country hosts one of the most prestigious cultural festivals in Africa; The Lake of Stars Festival. The three-day fun event features film screening, live musical performances, art exhibits, cultural talks, and a lot more. Every last week of September is, therefore, a good time to enjoy a piece of Africa entertainment in Malawi.

Bushfire Festival, Swaziland

Swaziland, a tiny landlocked Southern African monarchy is known for its energetic cultural festivals and wilderness reserves. Each year, the country draws more than 20,000 people for a three day Bushfire Festival. It is a perfect place to sample Southern African arts, music, dance, and food. Because all the proceeds go to charity, it is a great place to have fun and contribute to societal good.

Festima Festival, Burkina Faso

What makes Festima, a festival of masks and arts, unique is its dedication to preserve and protect the West African centuries-old mask making ancient tradition. The festival hosts cultural dances and parades that showcase colorfully beautiful, ancient-looking West African masks. It is also an opportunity to sample Burkina Faso's unique cuisine boasting of traditional foods such as fufu, and gumbo, a sauce made with okra. Festima Festival also attracts presentations from neighboring countries such as Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Togo, and Benin. You can, therefore, expect a one-of-a-kind cultural experience.  

Lamu Cultural Festival, Lamu

Every year, Lamu, a Kenyan coastal town, comes to life as locals gather to showcase and celebrate their past and present traditions. Kenyans from other regions and visitors from the world over meet in the enchanting island of Lamu for insights on local architecture, cuisine, cultural practices, and general lifestyle. You can expect exciting activities such as donkey races, henna painting, dhow sailing, traditional Swahili poetry, and an opportunity to witness a Swahili wedding. Usually held every November, Lamu Cultural Festival is a chance to experience deeply engraved African traditional entertainment activities that refuse to fade away even in the face of modernization. Lamu, an ancient township, is marked as a World Heritage site.

Whether you are a food, music, dance, or fashion lover or designer, Africa's unique and vibrant entertainment activities are a guaranteed way to get refreshing inspiration. The friendly nature of most African people also makes a trip to the continent worthwhile.